Future Scenario

What if we could redesign a world without waste?
Could we upcycle the waste of Poblenou?
Is it possible to design for compostability?

Personally, I think that in a future regenerative design will be a must and circular economy will be consolidated inside society. There won’t exist waste because we’re going to redesign it. One part of this new resource is going to be reused or recycled in better upcycling systems and some other is going to be compostable and will be part of the Earth in nutrients. The negative impact concept will take force and reduce the pollutants and Climate Change of the planet.

My personal objective is to understand what means design for compostability and regeneration and what are the factors to take into account to generate a production system.

I also want to investigate the possibilities of turning organic waste into circular economy products. I think it would be interesting to find a space to share the upcycling process and knowledge with the community of Poblenou.

I would like to explore what means design for compostability, and also, understand the obtanition of bio-based and compostable polymers. I want to explore the fields of Algorithms, Parametric Design and Additive Manufacturing to transform the organic waste into an upcycled material, structure or product. In addition, I would like to imagine new business models and how it could be the future microfactories of the neighbourhood.

Growth Plan

Define Interventions

Sketching Ideas


Oscar Tómico and Mariana Quintero




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