Project Management

The first task is to set up a personal website for our MDEF course and include a section of Fab Academy.

First of all, to start the website we had a template and from the template we learned the commands and how to use the programs. I have restructured the website in six parts: Home, Hi, 1, 2, 3 and Design for Regeneration.

· Home is the welcome page of the website.
· Hi talks about me, my experiences and interests.
· The section 1 is about the 1st term of MDEF course.
· The section 2 is about the 2nd term and Fab Academy course.
· The section 3 is about the 3rd term of MDEF course.
· And finally, Design for Regeneration is about my personal project.

Screenshot of the folders and templates that are in Atom.

What is GIT?
At the beginning of the master the Future Learning Unit introduced us GIT. It’s a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.

Screenshot of Atom visualization through Packages > Preview HTML > Enable Preview.

I’m using Gitlab to host the services for version control. To upload content I’m using Atom which displays and visualizes the website structure. Also, with Atom I’m pushing the content to Gitlab.

Screenshot of how to push information to the website. First you have to save the changes in your file, press Stage All, write a Commit Message, press Commit to Master and finally Push.

1st Sketch of the Compostable Production System

Fab Academy Personal Objectives

What if we could redesign a world without waste?
Could we upcycle the waste of Poblenou?
Is it possible to design for compostability?

Description of the Project
My personal objective is to understand what means design for compostability and regeneration and what are the factors to take into account to generate a production system that follows the principles of circular economy.

To make these objectives tangibles, I want to collaborate with Taller Esfèrica and design a compostable glasses made of reused organic waste and also experiment which kind of compostable packaging could be made. At the moment I have selected three ingredients: chitosan from seafood, cellulose from Nomad coffee peels and calcium carbonate from Leka eggshells. I have found a space to share the upcycling process of waste with a group of creatives and material designers that are involved in the project “Remix El Barrio” from Siscode with Milena, Marion and Anastasia.

I want to explore digital fabrication tools to process the material for example, 3D extrusion, casting and pressing. And also, start understanding which are the parameters that affect the properties of the material to design a monomaterial application with different functionalities. In addition, I would like to imagine new business models and how it could be the future microfactories of the neighbourhood.


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