Neuro Dot

What if we could redesign social interaction?

We (Cesar, Adela, Magda and I) proposed the following:

The current digital social interaction paradigm is tethered to the device - our black mirrors which reflect a vision of ourselves to others. In the future - we will become the interface through which we interact digitally.

Neuro Dot is an open source - back end encrypted - nano-bot tattoo which will bring about entirely new ways of interacting with each other.

It brings back humanity to digital social interactions by digitally transfering sensory experiences and feelings to users and removes the data collecting interfaces of the current, data collection driven reality.

The tattoo uses your own body’s energy and readily available 9G networks to communicate with other users.

The Neuro Dots blend seamlessly with your everyday life - replacing nearly all aspects of your current cellular device, to include mobile payments and all forms of digital communication. The only visible indication of being a part of the neural dot network are the nano-bot tattoos on each wrist, and one on the back of the neck.

In the past - sharing experiences were limited to visual interfaces - taking a photo and uploading it to a cloud which analyzed that data and targeted specific adds to you.

Your friends and followers would see the experience and simply scroll past it - maybe like it if they really cared.

Today, with Neuro dot, that interaction is free of the corporate middle-man and inherently more human. Using gesture controls which can be determined by the user, you can share a smell, a temperature, a familiarity memory or even a texture.

With the neuro dot, interacting with social media goes beyond visual mediums- it becomes integral to the human experience. Imagine the possibilities when the interface of digital social interaction moves beyond the device, and becomes an extension of the body itself.


José Luis De Vicente and Mariana Quintero




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