Computer Aided Design

In this second assignment, we are introduced into computer-aided design (CAD). I have some experience in this 2D and 3D field (Illustrator, Creo Parametric, Solidworks and AutoCad). Although I have worked a few times with Rhino and Grasshopper and I want to control these programs more. For this reason I’ve decided to start with Rhino and Grasshopper tutorials.


I want to focus my final MDEF and FabAcademy project on exploring compostable production systems from the reuse of local waste, such as chitosan, cellulose and calcium carbonate. I have selected the tutorial to create a perfume bottle because I am imagining packagings that cover fragile products such as foams and thermoforming.

To start the bottle I have drawn a curve with a polyline and then copied it at a distance to generate the height of the bottle.

I have scaled the geometry of the curve, in this case 75%.

Then I have drawn the profiles of the bottle with the curved tool making irregular paths. And I used the tool "Sweep by 2 lanes" to generate the surface. Next I have selected the “Offset Solid Supports” tool to solidify it.

I have converted the upper and lower covers from curve to surface and extruded them by giving thickness (1mm).

I have finally drawn a circle and extruded it. I have repeated the operation for the dispenser. I have tried different geometries to see how the surface behaves.


I have selected different Grasshopper tutorials to begin to understand the operation of the program.

I have selected the first tutorial because I would like to extrude different chitosan and cellulose compositions through additive manufacturing and generate a material with custom properties. It is for this reason that I have selected a hexagonal geometric pattern where the density of the material and the layer height can be varied.

The next slider controls the value of the diameter of the circle that is concentric to the hexagon.

Next, it can be seen how the variation in the hexagon wall height affects the surface geometry.

This exercise I have to review it since in two points I have not been able to connect the blocks as detailed in the tutorial.

Here you can find the files:


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