Zero Waste Pilot in Poblenou

The Post Barcelona // 1st Feb 2021

It’s the first day of 2021 and everyone is excited for this year to start because as of February 1st the quarantine is over. The past year with the appearance of the coronavirus COVID-19 the world order has completely changed. Through all the tragedy, fear and despair spread, in even the remotest places of the Earth, some rays of hope, that we now have a chance to change and fix anything that was broken with our world as we knew it before COVID-19 had emerged. New ways of living, more sustainable, and environmentally friendly centered arose.

Ajuntament of Barcelona has explained in an official announcement that they want to be an autonomous and productive city in 2030 and for this reason they’re testing with local industries and companies. One of the oldest production areas of Barcelona: Poblenou, which in the last years has become the epicenter of creativity and innovation, will be a pilot neighbourhood of zero waste production in Barcelona. In order to achieve that, they asked from a group of Emergent Futures Designers, to propose 6 initiatives that would help achieve that goal. All of them are briefly described in these following pages.


José Luís De Vicente and Mariana Quintero




Atlas of the Weak Signals