Wildcard Week

CNC by the Sea

This week is about controlling a CNC with G-Code and drawing in the sand. This CNC has a screw driver that takes out the sand when it moves and you can program your drawings in the sand (bed size 700x700cm).

Remotely hyperconnected (FLU, 2020).

Here you can find the documentation provided by the Future Learning Unit: https://gitlab.com/fablabbcn-projects/learning/the-cnc-by-the-sea

And in the following link there is the connection to control the CNC from our homes: https://thecncbythesea.hopto.org

The camera in the FabLab BCN is live streamed on IP:

And in this one there’s the another point of view:

First we need to understand how to code with G-Code. In the following link there’s a description of the functions of each command of G-Unit: t

These are the commands that we need to use to set up the machine:
· G90: absolute positioning coordinates
· G21: set millimeters unit
· G28: set home with the calibration (0,0)
· G0: move air fast travel
· G1: move in x,y,z
· F: feedrates

For example:
G1 X100 Y100 Z10
G1 F1000

Mitalee’s Example helped me to understand the functions of G-Code and the drawing coordinates:

G1 X350 Y350 F2000
G1 X350 Y400
G1 X400 Y400
G1 X300 Y400
G1 X300 Y300
G1 X300 Y450
G1 X450 Y450
G1 X250 Y450
G1 X250 Y250
G1 X250 Y500
G1 X500 Y500
G1 X200 Y500
G1 X200 Y200
G1 X200 Y550
G1 X550 Y550
G1 X150 Y550
G1 X150 Y150

There are different ways to generate the G-Code for the drawing:
· Directly in the control software of CNC by the Sea website
· Kraken Script for Grasshopper
· Mods
· Fabmodules
· Inkscape + Plugin SVG G-Code
· Python: convert an SVG to G-Code
· jscut.org

Generate the G-Code with Rhino + Kraken Script for Grasshopper

Final Result

Here you can find the files: Grasshopper Plugin: Kraken Control
Rhino Drawing + Kraken Control
Grasshopper Drawing + Plugin Kraken Control
Sand Drawing G-Code
Sand Cleaning G-Code
Rhino Drawing


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